Do you already have a website but it is just average?

Do you have a crazy idea?

Do you wanna give your business a boost?

Do you?

Do you?

Do you!?

Thinking about CMS?

Need to outsource?

Fancy a Wiki?

We all know it: The Internet is one of the greatest inventions of all times. Information, entertainment, communication, shopping... It's crowded of posibilities.

And it clearly will just grow. Old fashioned business models did let place to new ones, the creative and the brave win the round. Now, if you want your business to be successful, you just can't bypass the web. And sometimes being present is not enough. Your web presence, as your business, needs to be outstanding.

CosmoCode GmbH CosmoCode is a great corporation. We focus on CMS (especially TYPO3 and Drupal), Wikis (mainly Dokuwiki and ICKEwiki) and Web/Mobile solutions. We are people who you like to work with. Humans. We make our best to understand your necessities, and in opposite to the average software consultancy, your success is valuable for us. We work for media agencies as well as for private customers. They always come back for more, am honest. We are experienced, reliable and motivated, trust me.

SouthCode. The current economical situation is allowing us to offer you working with some of the most qualified developers. SouthCode is a spanish association specialized in outsourcing services. Kickass web applications, eBusiness templating, Crossbrowser interfaces, SEO and Wordpress solutions are some of the services we provide. And just in case you worry about idiomatic and cultural barriers, we have high standards (Und deutsche Qualitätssicherungsprozesse! ;))

Just hire meMyself. Do we already know each other? Then just ask me to help you out with your idea. Won't lose anything, and hey! In the best case, it will just cost you a couple of beers. Just don't ask me to do anything nasty!